Services in our Barbershop:
- Men's haircut
Classics of the genre. We wash my head with the best premium class shampoo, specially selected for your hair type, cut with a clipper and scissors, a classic or the latest haircut in a fashion trend, suitable for your head shape and hair type, after which I wash my hair again and do a branded styling from the barber.
- Modeling beard and mustache
We will select the most suitable beard and mustache shape for you. We create clear contours for your style, cut with a clipper, scissors and trim with a blade. A complete SPA procedure for the skin of the face, and for the beard we apply a care product.
- Royal shave
We steam the skin with a hot ionized towel and cleanse with a scrub, soften, after which a cooling gel or soap is applied for a smoother glide of the razor and the bristles are destroyed. Apply a cold compress to soothe the skin. We spray italian lotion, after shave for disinfection and apply a softening and toning balm!