We invite you to the Turkish or Finnish sauna, thanks to which you can warm up, refresh yourself and feel great.
Taking time for your health, you can easily defeat fatigue and stress! Recover your strength and recharge your energy to a new level!
We have separate saunas for men and beautiful women.


Turkish hammam is considered a place where you can relax your body and soul. And with a regular visit - a hamam will help to improve the body.

Blood circulation improves, because soft steam copes well with stagnant processes and enhances the outflow of blood from internal organs.

The breathing gets deeper. And ventilation of the lungs is increased by more than 2.5 times.

If you have problems with sleeping, then this will be a great find for you, because the Turkish hamam normalizes sleep, reduces anxiety and you will feel lightness after the procedure.


The salt cave is considered the most enjoyable way to strengthen your immune system.
A unique process of using a special microclimate, as close as possible to the microclimate of natural, natural salt caves, aimed at preventing and treating a large number of diseases.
A stay in a salt cave has a positive effect on the composition of the blood, the hormonal background is leveled and the metabolism in your body improves.
Huge benefits of the salt cave for children. After all, their immunity is just being formed. Especially recommended for children who often suffer from bronchitis or other respiratory diseases.
The special interior of the room will allow you to captivate your child, and our professional nannies will tell you about Bukhara - the pearl of the East!